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Pregnant?  Breastfeeding?  Mothering?

Mothering Just Got Easier!

Drop-In Mindful Mothering Cafes

Welcome to our Mom & Baby Group!  Each Mindful Mothering Cafe is tailored to cover topics important to the mothers and mothers-to-be in attendance such as preparing for pregnancy and a positive birth,  planning ahead for success, breastfeeding positioning and latch, overcoming difficulties, nighttime parenting, baby wearing, sleep, baby proofing your relationship, starting solids, going back to work, toddler nursing, siblings, weaning, gentle discipline and more.

"I attended the Mindful Mothering Cafe when my son was 3 weeks old. I was having trouble breastfeeding and was nearly giving up.  After attending the class weekly it gave me an entirely new outlook.  Amanda has helped me with latch problems, pain I was dealing with while breastfeeding, the support to continually help me reach my goals and not give up, as well as answering the many questions that a new or old mom may have from child birth and beyond.  The support from both Amanda and the other girls who attend the cafe is overflowing and wonderful. I find Amanda and the cafe to be very informative, supportive and just something my son and I look forward to every week. My son and I are now happily breastfeeding!"   Missy, Elgin County

12:00 noon - 1:30 pm

Wednesdays in Tillsonburg &

Fridays in Simcoe

Click on above link for locations.  Pay as you go $15 per cafe, or 2 cafes for $20 in advance.  Please bring a friend and your travel mugs.  Women and children are welcome to attend.

Wednesdays in Tillsonburg at

Meyer Chiropractic

130 Broadway, Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 3P8

Meyer Chiropractic Phone:  519-688-1800

Other Mindful Mothering Services

Fast-track Private Prenatal Classes

"I was so glad to have a private session with Amanda- it helped my husband and I greatly! So many great tips and advice that helped make my labour a good experience. I read many books, was part of mom online forums to learn ...but talking to Amanda was what helped most!" Sarah, Oxford County.


Private Breastfeeding Help

"I met Amanda through a mutual friend when my son had issues with thrush.  Since then I always go to her for any of my breastfeeding issues. I also see her whenever my son is going through something, such as teething, and I wish to avoid medication and go a more natural, herbal, route. Without her help I don't think I would have made it this far with breastfeeding. Not only has she been extremely reassuring during situations of doubt while feeding but she has become a person I feel I can truly trust and is reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any mother in need."   Alyssa, Elgin County

Mindful MotheringBirth Doula

"In a perfect world every birthing mother would have an Amanda by her side, prenatally, while giving birth, and breastfeeding. Amanda has the knowledge, experience and passion of all things mother/child related. In her natural and nurturing way she assists, teaches and supports. Nursing school and practicing as an RN didn't help prepare me for a natural birth or help me breastfeed, but Amanda did! "               Tia, Norfolk County

Please Contact Us for availability.

Mindful Mothering is Love

One Day Prenatal Class

Childbirth Just Got Easier!

A One Day Prenatal Class designed to provide mother-to-mother support and a variety of information to help new mothers prepare for a positive birth, breastfeeding and parenting experience.  Birth Partners will become more confident and comfortable in their role before, during and after the birth.   Fast-track Private Prenatal Classes are Also Available.  

For maximum benefit,  please plan on attending our class as early in your pregnancy as possible.  

Classes are held in the following Southern Ontario Counties:  

Norfolk, Elgin, Oxford and Brant

Prenatal Class Dates and Locations

Register for Prenatal Class 

Contact Us.

About Mindful Mothering

Welcome to Mindful Mothering, a community group that was born out of a need for accurate birth, breastfeeding and mothering information and support.

Our group is run by inspired local mothers who wish to give back to the community by strengthening and filling in the gaps in support we have experienced as pregnant women and mothers.  

We currently serve growing families in the following Southern Ontario Locations:  Norfolk, Oxford, Elgin and Brant

We hope you enjoy all the amazing articles and videos compiled on this website.  Learn how to have a positive birth, breastfeeding and parenting experience.

New to Baby Wearing?  Does your baby love to be held?  Ever feel like you could use a third arm?  We have a collection of information and videos to help you learn how to sling your baby.  With a little practice you will be able to easily (and discretely) nurse your hungry or fussy little one on cue anywhere!  Go grocery shopping, mind a toddler, make a meal, brush your teeth(!), all with a happy baby tucked into your sling. 

Can't get enough birth stories?  See Your Stories for inspiring birth and breastfeeding stories and photos submitted by mothers like you!  Have you written a Positive Birth Story?  We'd love to share it!  Please Contact Us with your story.

Don't forget to check out our Links page to find great local mothering support and supplies, as well as some of our favourite women's health websites.

Please share our website with your family & friends, and join our  Facebook Group as we never stop learning :-)

About Amanda

I am a positive birth advocate, experienced breastfeeding supporter, healthy living enthusiast and mother of three naturally born and breastfed babies.  I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of mothers enhance their birthing, breastfeeding and mothering experiences by providing Mother-to-Mother classes, support and groups.

Please join me for our fun and informative Drop-In Mindful Mothering Cafes and One Day Prenatal Classes.  You will find accurate birth, breastfeeding and parenting information, a helping hand, and the support of a wonderful community of like-minded mothers.

Please Remember,

as always, you are the expert of your baby! 

Information given to mothers, via website, phone or in person,

is not meant to be taken as medical advice, rather it is food for thought.

Take what works for you and leave the rest behind :)

Happy Mothering!


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