Baby Wearing

Have you discovered that your baby is happiest in your arms?  Do you want to nurse on cue and keep baby content, while tending to your needs and the needs of your family?  Wish you had a third arm?  You need a sling!

The first MyZenBaby Ring Sling was born to satisfy all my growing family's needs.  I no longer have the website, but I do have the Video Tutorials to share with you.

An unpadded ring sling is a wonderfully versatile baby carrier that allows you to wear your newborn baby close to your heart, skin to skin, with easy access to your breast. 

There are no snaps, straps, velcro, buckles, layers of wrapped fabric or other impediments to removing a sleeping baby and transferring him to his bed or carseat. 

Slings enable you to carry your baby in almost any position:  cradle carry, sitting up and facing in, sitting up and facing out, legs in or out, and every toddlers favourite...the hip carry!

Your sling grows with your baby, from newborn to toddlerhood, if you are carrying your child you can sling her!

Mindful Mothering is Joyful

Photo: Mindful Mothering Breastfeeding Cafe
Pregnant?  Breastfeeding?  Please join our circle of Mindful Mothers as we discuss all things related to breastfeeding.  Led by Amanda Beck Antall, lactation counsellor and mother of three breastfed babies.  Amanda has helped hundreds of mothers meet their breastfeeding goals by providing accurate information and hands on help, and by leading Breastfeeding Cafes.  Each Mindful Mothering Breastfeeding Cafe is tailored to cover topics important to the mothers in attendance such as preparing for birth and planning for early success, positioning and latch, overcoming difficulties, nighttime nursing, breastfeeding in public, starting solids, going back to work, toddler nursing, weaning, and more.  Women and children are welcome to attend.  Class runs for six weeks during toddler yoga, Thursdays 11:00 am.  Happy Mothering!

Mindful Mothering is Sacred


Mindful Mothering Baby Wearing Workshops

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My Favourite Mindful Breastfeeding
and Mothering Helper: The Sling

Mindful Babywearing creates an intimate bond that can last a lifetime. Your sling allows your baby to sleep comfortably, nurse and feel warm and safe cradled peacefully next to your heart.  Easy to use, hard to live without, learn how to sling today!

Baby Wearing Video Tutorials

How to use your MyZenBaby Ring Sling

How to Thread your Sling

The Cradle Carry:  Breastfeeding Just Got Easier!

The Front Carry:  Facing In

Sweet Dreams:  Transferring a Sleeping Baby into Bed or into Carseat

How Long Can I Sling?

Slinging the Older Child

Slinging FAQs

Mindful Mothering is being Present

        Please Remember,

as always, you are the expert of your baby! 

Information given to mothers, via website, phone or in person,

is not meant to be taken as medical advice, rather it is food for thought.

Take what works for you and leave the rest behind :)

Happy Mothering!


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