Orgasmic Birth

Everyone knows that milk and cookies go together, but what about childbirth and orgasms? On January 2, 2009 viewers of ABC’s news magazine show 20/20 learned that not only can you pair these two seemingly disparate things, a woman can plan for and experience ecstasy during labor. Dr. Northrup was on hand to explain why this is possible.

“A woman’s ability to orgasm during childbirth is basic science,” Dr. Northrup said. Anatomically speaking, on its journey through the birth canal the baby passes through and can stimulate the same areas that cause a woman to climax during intercourse. Physiologically speaking, during labor a woman’s body is flooded with the same feel good hormones, like prolactin, oxytocin, and other beta-endorphins, that are released during pleasurable sexual experiences.

The stage is set for all women to have an ecstatic birth! So why don’t more women orgasm during childbirth?  Read more...

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