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The Story of Your Birth

When I woke up Thursday morning I didn't realize that it was going to be the happiest day of my life.  I had breakfast with Daddy and kissed him goodbye at the door.  Standing in the living room window.  I waved and stroked by belly as he drove off to work in the cold dark morning.  Had I known this was the day I would have stood in the mirror a little longer as I marveled at my roundness, loving each new curve that had developed over the past nine months.

My back was aching so I set out downtown to the drugstore to buy a heating pad which, with the speed of the events that followed, remained unused in it's box. 

Shortly after returning home with my groceries Steph and Cole dropped by with tea and cookies.  It was Steph who thought we'd better time my aches and sure enough they came regularly.  I called my midwife Laurie to tell her the news and she wanted to give me a little more time before she came to check on me.  We spent the next half hour playing with Cole.  It was his six month birthday and he ended up spending the rest of the evening contentedly unaffected by the goings on.

Daddy arrived home from work and stepped out back to check the thermometer.  I felt a bubble burst inside me and the waters that surrounded you were released.  Daddy jumped into the shower and I began pacing the house.  I now had to stop and breathe through each rush as they got more and more effective.  Daddy came out of the shower to find me working very hard so he drew a bath and helped me in.  The warm water and darkened room soothed and helped me to relax and make our journey more pleasant.

Steph called Laurie and let her know how fast things were moving and she came to the house right away.  She checked and found that almost all the work had been done and called my other midwife Jen and she arrived in minutes.

The rushes were very intense and Daddy was there for all of them.  He knelt by the tub and poured warm water over my straining muscles and I relaxed deeply.  Another rush would come and he would hold my hand and look into my eyes sharing his energy with me.  It was like we were on another planet together!  Then, as if I were dreaming, Aunt Kelly was beside me!

Our house was filled with the most intense nurturing energy I could ever imagine.  Daddy and the women gave me loving and encouraging words to focus on, and soon you let me know it was your time to come.  I wanted out of the tub.  Helped to my bed, my body shook as it worked hard to release you.  There, surrounded by women and held in your Daddy's arms, I'd never felt so powerful.  With each rush you inched closer to your first breath.  At last the moment arrived.  It felt so good to push you out into the world and hold in my arms!  We were covered with warm blankets.  In my nest I held you close, one hand under your bottom, and I happily cried out "He's a BOY!!"  Aunt Kelly carefully cut the cord.

You were so peaceful, not crying, just relaxing and taking in your new surroundings.  The midwives checked us both over and found us in wonderful condition.  I felt elated!  Daddy announced your name and everyone thought it was perfect!

You and I then retreated back into the warmth and comfort of a herbal bath.  It was here that I discovered your fingers and toes and little ears that look just like Daddy's.  I marveled at how perfect you were and how I couldn't have dreamed a more beautiful birth.  You opened your little eyes and looked about as you floated safely in my arms.

Once we were dried off and back in our fresh bed I nursed you blissfully while Daddy and Aunt Kelly made everyone a midnight snack.  Then, with our tummies full, all those wonderful women congratulated us and left us to get some well deserved rest.  Out into the bitter cold night they went, the stars and the sliver of new moon shining down on the silvery snow.  It was then that you, Daddy, and I snuggled down in bed for the first three.

Thank you for making me a Mommy.

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